Social media giants such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and most popularly Facebook all have revolutionized digital media. They have done this with allowing people to connect to one another by video, text, and most commonly images effortlessly for the user. Because of this it has overtaken traditional media by far.

When asked the question of “given the increased prevalence of social media, how has your personal perspective of multiculturalism and diversity been impacted?”, I would primarily say because of a multitude of reasons. Primarily my perspective of multiculturalism has changed because instead of reading, hearing or even traveling to a specific area, I can see what is happening in that area Realtime through social media related posts, live streams or even by talking to someone in that specific location. Because of this it has allowed me to recognize world events easier as well as allowed me to see how diverse people, locations and even governments are.

When asked specifically to “Select an organization I belong to” I would say my current employer being Sams Club. My perspective may have impacted the organization because I would like to think I am openly accepted between the diversity of my coworkers and customers/members. I realize that not everyone has it as good as myself and I also realize that everyone has gone through different life experiences than me which overall will build someone’s personality and behaviors. I feel that others in my organization realize the same thing and it allows us as co workers to take charge of difficult situations easier in the work environment.

When asked to research a topic regarding Informational Technology where ethical issues may occur, an example I have chosen is Personal Privacy. Personal privacy is widely debated upon as many users use different tools, internet access points, and overall users in an organization utilize different opinions about their personal, and more specifically digital privacy. If guidelines are not set within an organization/company than arguments or employees could argue in weather another employee is damaging/exposing the company/organization when they should not be or even publicly displaying information about themselves or others.

A specific example of this could be how someone in an organization wishes to use a specific tool that they are familiar with, however it has privacy concerns to another employee and is brought up in an argument. This is very common is software guidelines are not set within a company/organization. If this were to occur in a workplace that I am working in than I would implement guidelines on specific software allowed after researching what would be best for the company or organization being run. I would also implement specific security related guidelines to assist a potential argument from being formed. This would hopefully minimize security or employee risk as well as allow the company/organization to move forward smoother as everyone would be familiar with the software/guidelines utilized after proper training.